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ASTRA Proceedings An open-access journal for refereed proceedings in extraterrestrial research
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Aims and scope

ASTRA Proceedings is an international open-access proceedings journal that addresses the topics related to astrophysics, astrobiology, heliophysics, (exo-)planetary physics, and space science. The journal welcomes proceedings from all astrophysics conferences around the world. All manuscripts submitted to ASTRA Proceedings undergo a rigorous peer review organized by the Programme and Science Committee (PSC). Further details are provided in the review section.

ASTRA Proceedings covers the following fields:

  • astrophysics;
  • astroparticle;
  • heliophysics;
  • magnetospheric physics;
  • (exo-)planets and small bodies;
  • scientific instrumentation;
  • solar and stellar physics;
  • space weather and climate;
  • astrobiology.
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